Play Therapy for tots to twelves (4-12 years) who have been affected by abuse


Play therapists at Abacus are fully trained and qualified or are in their final year of training. They may also be qualified counsellors who also have training or experience in working with children. They all use play, which is a a child's natural form of expression, as a means for understanding and communicating with children about feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Children are able to choose from a large selection of play material including art and craft materials, dressing up props, sand and water, clay, small figures and animals, puppets and books. 


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Abacus Counsellors is a Social Enterprise Community Interest Company. Registered No: 06563982

What is Play Therapy?

How can Play Therapy Help?

Play Therapy helps children understand muddled feelings and upsetting events that they haven't had the chance to sort out properly. They don’t always have the words to explain what is troubling them and so can use play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace, without feeling threatened or intimidated.

Play Therapy helps children to understand their own thoughts and feelings by giving them a safe place to re-enact or play out traumatic or difficult life experiences in order to make sense of what has happened to them and to help them cope better in the future. Children may also learn to manage relationships and conflicts in more appropriate ways.