Counselling and support for teens to twenties (13-25 years) who have been affected by abuse


Many young people who have been abused are severely anxious, agitated or depressed. They may find it difficult to make friends or may feel worthless or guilty and that the abuse was their fault.

People have many different ways of dealing with these strong feelings and some may turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the feelings they find hard to cope with. Others may self injure by cutting or burning, finding temporary relief from the inner turmoil by allowing the pain to be on the outside.

If you recognise any of these things in yourself and would like help to change the way you are feeling, then contact us.  

Counselling at Abacus is someone to talk with who is trained in all  issues of abuse. Talking with someone who understands can help you to sort out your problems at your own pace.

We don’t pretend that counselling is an easy process. It can bring up lots of things that you have spent a long time trying to forget and no amount of counselling or support can change the fact that the abuse happened but, it can help you to make sense of some of your feelings about the abuse, so that it no longer takes over your life.

Healing is possible if you persevere. It doesn’t happen overnight and involves a lot of courage and commitment before you can come out the other side feeling happier and more able to achieve your goals.   


Why Counselling?

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